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Emma Hardie is one of the largest independent skincare companies in the UK. Selling high-quality skincare products across the world.

When Emma Hardie came to us they wanted to sell more of their products direct to consumer alongside selling products via their very successful partnerships with major retail chains such as, Marks & Spencer, SpaceNK & FeelUnique.

They wanted an online eCommerce solution to fit in with their requirements and would stand proudly against their existing strong brand presence. Equally, they wanted something to ensure they stayed competitive against their retail partners.

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Emma Hardie


Over many years we have formed a strong working relationship with Emma Hardie; partnering with them through a number of their website lifecycles. We are constantly working with them to consistently innovate and develop; ensuring they stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing online demand.

We work closely together to provide the digital support that they require such as promotions, new product launches, and expansions throughout the year.

We have also developed an international website, alongside their UK one; opening them up to sell direct-to-consumer across international marketplaces, including the US.

To meet their high marketing expectations, we have also been successful in achieving greater online organic visibility than all their major retail competitors, including Amazon, across both of their two major marketplaces; UK and US.

Outside of organic search, we have also set up Google Ad campaigns to generate more sales for Emma Hardie. Over the past 2 years, they have achieved an 11x return on their ad spend through Google Ads.

We have recently started a new campaign through Facebook and Instagram Ads, to help showcase the brand to a whole new audience and, again, increase their online sales in line with their growth plans.

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